CoronaSDK: Building and installing on a Kindle Fire

Amazon's Kindle Fire
Amazon's Kindle Fire

  1. Build the app using  File > Build > Amazon/Kindle…
  2. On the Fire, go to Settings and tap More
  3. Tap Device
  4. Turn ON “Allow Installation of Applications — from unknown sources”
  5. Plug in a Micro-B usb cable into the Fire and the other into your computer (in this case a MacBook Air)
  6. The Kindle should be showing up on your desktop
  7. Copy the .apk file generated by Corona onto the Kindle (I’m not sure that it makes a difference where — I used the “downloads” folder)
  8. Eject the Kindle from the Mac
  9. On the Kindle you’ll need a File management application installed (I used “ES File Explorer” because it was free and had the most reviews)
  10. Use the File manager to find your app and tap it to install it
  11. Profit!

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  1. Thanks man. I’d been trying to get my kindle fire working in the adb debugger, this will at least let me test some apps for now though. Thanks!

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