I’ve spent a lot of time building things with Ruby and Rails. I’ve been to a couple of RailsConfs, which were great.

I worked at Apple a long time ago and was awarded several patents for my work there. Do you remember the Newton?

I also was awarded a couple of patents at Starwave for my work on the Castle Infinity project.  It was a fantastic challenge to build a massively-multiplayer game in 1995.  It’s still hobbling along over at http://www.castle-infinity.com thanks to volunteers who took over it’s management.

In 2012, my family and I decided to lessen the load of “stuff” and moved ourselves onto a bus.  We sorta blogged about it over at Restarting.Us In 2014, we chose to stop moving around so much and enjoy the environs of Santa Fe, NM, known as The City Different which is perfect for us.

Contact me @:
bsharpe [at] bsharpe.com

Happy Trails!

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